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Notice - Website is not completely updated, please feel free to call to find out more details on prices.  Many products are not listed on the website, but are available through Rob's Detector Sales.  Thanks!

Welcome to my Products Page.  Feel free to browse around the various detectors and prospecting accessories to see what may fit your needs.  My full line of Minelab detectors, Coiltek searchcoils, Hodan Picks, DetectorPro Headphones and other prospecting equipments is enough to equip any new or seasoned detectorists.  I'm constantly in the process of adding new and exciting products.  If you don't see something in particular, please email me as I might carry it, or know someone that does.  I'm constantly testing new products for the benefit of all Electronic Prospectors.  I use and support these products 100%! 

Keep in mind my website is not updated, so I carry a ton of products that are not listed as of yet.  Feel free to call me at (623) 362-1459 to learn more about the products I currently carry.

All products are normally shipped US Priority Mail or UPS Ground. Delivery Confirmation is placed on all US Mail Packages regardless of price.  Insurance can be placed on any shipped item(s) if requested prior to shipping.  UPS Ground Shipping covers the first $100 of value. 

All orders ship the same day if ordered before 3pm.  Orders after that time will be shipped the following business day. 

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Metal Detectors, Searchcoils & Accessories

Minelab Detectors
always in Stock.
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Hodan and Walco
Prospecting Picks

Coiltek Searchcoils
and Accessories

Best coils for gold prospecting!

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Metal Detecting Lessons
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Prospecting Books
Research Material
"Now Available"


Snake Gaitors ( M, L, XL )
Heavy Duty Power Cords
Super Magnets
Heavy Duty Bungee Cords
Tons of Books ....
Minelab Videos
New Commander Searchcoils
New Coiltek Platypus Coil


Other Products in Stock

Digital Gold Scales
Walco Prospecting Picks
Regulated Battery Systems
Spare Batteries (6 & 12v)
Recovery Scoops
Super Magnets
Nylon nut & bolts (Minelab parts)
And More .....

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Minelab Accessories
Detector Carry Bags
Control Box Covers
Coiltek Pinpointer Probes
Searchcoil covers
Nugget Pouches/Boxes
Gold Pans
Snuffer Bottles

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