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Many have read stories and heard all the tales about prospecting the infamous Rich Hill Region.  Stories of big gold nuggets, famous Lode Discoveries, and the poor broke prospector that found pounds of gold nuggets within hours in this rich placer gold district. 

Well this is your chance to get involved with a club that has 42 active mining claims right smack within the rich placer district.  These claims are available to all members year around for recreational prospecting and are located within the Historical "Devil's Nest" area.  Gold nuggets over 1 Troy Pound have been recovered from this area in the past.

"Professional Prospectors Chris Gholson and Rob Allison standing in the
Heart of the Devil's Nest Claims, Rich Hill."

Location:  Rich Hill is located approx. 6-8 miles east of Congress, Arizona.  The placers are located in the Southern end of the Weaver Mountains, which extend more than 5,000 feet above sea level.  Rich Hill is about 5,200 feet high and is located between the major gold drainages, Weaver and Antelope Creeks.  The Rich Hill Gold Hunters claims are located on the South-Southwest portion of Rich Hill and alluvial pediment. 

Discovery:   It has been documented that Capt. Pauline Weaver was the first to discover rich placers at Rich Hill during the late 1800's.  However, many believe the Spanish discovered the rich placer gold first, but stayed away due to the hostile Indian's that inhabited the area.  After the discovery, hundreds if not thousands of miners from around the globe infested the area looking for riches.  Some reports stated the district produced up to 5 Million in placer gold, while other reports state around 1 Million respectively.  Truly no one really knows the real amount, as some of the best finds were never documented. 

Geology:  The major part of the Rich Hill is made up of Igneous Granites and Metamorphic Greenstones and Schist.  Most of the bench and wash material is made of iron stained gravel and sands.  The depth to bedrock in some of the alluvial fans extends 50+ feet.  Many old-timers placer drifted to chase rich pay layers throughout the gravels.  Some of the drifts are located on or near bedrock at excessive depths.  Most of the gold seemed to be from local sources on and around Rich Hill.  However, others believe an ancient river deposited most of the gold around Rich Hill.  This theory has not been proven. 

Gold Character:  Most of the gold tends to be solid and very massive in size.  Majority of the gold is alluvial in nature, but some rougher elluvial gold is found on the ridges, saddles and below some of the known gold veins and ledges.  Large alluvial quartz-gold specimens have been located up to 2-3 miles from Rich Hill.  Gold nuggets over an ounce in size were not uncommon during the early rushes.

"Gold Nuggets and Specimens that have been recovered from the Devil's Nest
Region that I personally found.  Nugget on top left is approx. 5 ounces."

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Most of all, you keep all the GOLD you find!

Yearly Membership is $300.00.  No other fees or dues. 

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