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Prospecting Clubs

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"Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA)"
The Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA was also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for recreational and professional prospectors and helping it's members find more gold.

"Roadrunner's Prospectors Club"
RRPC was founded in 1982 as a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, family orientated club dedicated to recreational gold mining in the state of Arizona. Members enjoy access to hundreds of acres of gold producing claims located throughout the state and are free to keep all the gold they find. In addition the club sponsors monthly group outings where members can work claims, learn new techniques and socialize.

"Gold, Rock & Gem Adventures"

GOLD,ROCK & GEM ADVENTURES is a leading full service gold, rock, gem and fossil prospecting organization dedicated to providing its members with the very best array of outdoor experiences, and quality properties across the United States. This organization is operated by a team of skilled professionals including professional prospectors, mineral exploration geologists, rock hounds and outdoor experts. Unlike many other clubs, we offer a continually expanding portfolio of tested and proven high quality properties rich in the treasures of the earth. We currently have thousands of acres of quality mining claims and sites throughout the western US with a strong emphasis in the gold fields of Nevada and Arizona.

"Rich Hill Gold Hunters Club"

RHGH has set aside 42 claims gold for the exclusively recreational prospecting use of its members. Five of these claims are located near Lake Pleasant, Arizona; fifteen claims lie "in the shadow" of Rich Hill ( a distance of one to two miles as the crow flies); two of the claims are at the base of Rich Hill; twenty claims sit on Rich Hill proper.
Of the twenty claims on Rich Hill, twelve lie in the heart of the well documented nugget basin. These claims being the Hackberries and the Devil's Nest groups.

"Tucson Desert Gold Diggers"

The Desert Gold Diggers is a club devoted to all aspects of recreational prospecting and mining, including panning, sluicing, drywashing, and metal detecting. In addition to promoting recreational prospecting, the club exchanges ideas and information on the various aspects of prospecting & mining. There are over 250 members.

The club currently has 21 claims in southeastern Arizona.

"More Prospecting Clubs coming soon!"

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